Title: The Genius idiot TV show 

by Martin Vincent and 168films team

GENRE Dramedy- Satire Reality TV Series


When a ragtag group of misfit, rebellious, idealistic entrepreneurs try to launch their mobile app startup company, a series of crazy misadventures occur. Heading this team is a Latin American entrepreneur who attempts to bring order to his chaotic company. Hiring programmers from around the world and recruiting them to come to the States to work for the startup, they need the H-1B company-sponsored visas. However, things never go as smoothly as planned which is reflected in the title, The Genius iDiot

The story highlights the fast-paced world of tech startups and the passionate characters trying to change the world and themselves, one app at a time, in a competitive all-or-nothing industry. Discover the ironies, humor, and emotions that our characters experience in this satirical dramatic series about entrepreneurs trying to make a difference in the world of Silicon Beach while dealing with the legal  immigration system — all in the attempt to live the American dream that so many dream of.

This show is about the rise of the underdog in our internet age.


Everybody wants to be at next Snapchat, Facebook, or Uber.  iBidGames is an eclectic startup comprised of entrepreneurs, investors and techies from all over the world, aspiring to become the top grossing mobile app. An intense Latin American entrepreneur named Martin has arrived to America to live his dream. He’s become a US citizen through the EB5 investor visa, but the only thing in his way is getting a ragtag team of programmers their HB1 visa.

Many see this as their one opportunity in life to get rich quick and realize their dream.  We will get a voyeuristic glimpse at just how they’re going to accomplish that goal… or fail miserably.

They’ve given up their long-time, secure jobs and to take this daring gamble, based entirely on the promises of a persuasive, mercurial Argentine entrepreneur moving to USA, Martino Vincent, and Reuben Gomez, the son of Gomez Gomez, the wealthy founder of Ambar Tequila.

The comfort and morale of the staff is integral to the success of any startup and this can prove to be quite a challenge at iBidGames since the characters who run the company are so lovably odd.    But the first part is all about raising the capital in Los Angeles by selling stocks of the corporation to private investors.

Everything starts at the Palomar Hotel Bar. Martino the CEO programmer was very successful earlier in his life, immigrating to America with a EB5 investor visa but after the 2008 financial crisis, he harbors  a secret.  He’s broke.   He mesmerizes people with his charm, doling out praise and promises, then disappears, leaving Gomez in a CFO position in charge.  Being the irresponsible, fun-loving son of a Tequila millionaire, Gomez is not really that good at being in charge. His talent is in partying.

Martino sells stocks to raise capital for marketing deals. Rounding up 8 small investors, five are divorced women in their 50s and 60s. Martino’s team of programmers make fun of him, comparing Martino to the lead character in The Producers, the famous broadway show about using older ladies to fund theatrical shows.

HB1 visa is the visa he uses for all his startup team: a graphic designer from Argentina, an iPhone developer from Uruguay, Android developer from Mexico, and a smart and beautiful  digital content creator/marketer from South Korea who also has an Ivy League education.

The most funny is Martino who has lived in America for 10 years, but goes to speech therapy for years  and has a stronger accent than all his programmers combined. He continues his speech therapy sessions because most investors still don’t understand him. Subtitles are required on all his scenes because you won’t understand him either.

Now the real challenge for Martino and his team is to finish raising this round of investor funds (Series A) before his Russian rivals begin marketing the app they copied from iBidGames after they stole the source code. They are on a race against time when another rival reappears, Martino’s friend emy Miko from Finland, who arrives with his own false allegations of copyright infringement.

They say all is fair in love and war. . . and in business? This show aims to capture all the highs, lows, comedy, and drama of a little startup company fighting to stay alive by a group of immigrants who can’t help but do what they love to do despite all the challenges, heartaches, and trouble.


martin 3

Martino Marino

Underneath Martino’s custom-made button down shirts is a perfect Argentinean body. He has no body fat, no chest hair and appears to have no troubles either. Martino’s good looks and thick accent put women in a tailspin. The problem is, he never shuts up. He has a form of hyper Aspergers  and he can be a bit annoying once he gets going. He has other problems as well. While Martino enjoys the appearances of wealth and perfection, his situation is actually quite desperate. He’s being sought after by many creditors, some of them on the rather unsavory side. Martino’s Latin charm and suave get him in the door and also get him into trouble. The Genius iDiot  may be his last chance at paying back his debts and reaching his dream.


Reuben shot

Reuben Gomez

“Reuben” We introduce me spending money like crazy which drives Martin nuts. Reuben is the son of Gomez Gomez, a wealthy Jalisco Tequila man. Reuben has spent most of his life figuring he’d wind up learning the Tequila business from his dad and eventually taking over the company and becoming the heir to his dad’s fortune. He thought wrong. His dad, in an effort to get Reuben to stop goofing off and finally wake up and learn responsibility, has fired him from the company and disinherited him until he can prove that he can make it on his own. Reuben, however, has known only one lifestyle. Partying, wealth, and more partying. Everything is on the line for Reuben who may not be able to get out of his own way. Reuben also is in love with Stephanie, but she has her heart set on Martino.



Nick Bikes “Nick”

We introduce him getting out of jail for hacking into the governments secret files.
Nick s a huge, stringy hair, tattooed ex-con who learned the tech biz while in prison for armed robbery and computer hacking and ID theft. He’s a computer genius, but you’d never know it by looking at him or talking to him. He’s menacing in appearance and his tats look even meaner. But Todd is a nice guy at heart and also, he’s renowned computer geek and electronic genius. Like all of us, he just wants to be loved, but he needs to learn some basic social skills before that can happen. He’s sort of the Eliza Doolittle to Stephanie’s Henry Higgins.


Angel Jager headshot

Penelope Miller Secretary ” Speech Therapist “

We introduce her she is speech therapist/ secretary/dancer favorite maxim is “You have to live in hell to get out of hell.” A Vegas native just a few years out of high school, she’s the receptionist and office aid at H-1 F*CKING B.

Clad usually in black with black boots, she’s dark and Goth-like, but she’s actually kind of pretty and extremely bright. She’s a pale-skinned prodigy of sorts, having grown up playing nothing but death-related video games while pulling straight “A’s” without ever once studying. She hides behind the appearance of having late nights of wild substance abuse, but she’s really at home most of the time with her cat unless someone invites her out. She thinks H-1 F*CKING B is her ticket out of hell.


anthony 2

Anthony Lewis

“Anthony” We introduce him running out of a strip club getting chased by the bouncers for grabbing the dancers.
Jared is a portly, red-cheeked Midwestern farm boy who’s entire life has been fixing computers and trouble shooting for an Indiana telecom company. He’s a soft spoken, folksy guy who would appear to be a lot more comfortable at a family picnic than on the Vegas strip. His penchant for short, common sense responses can be a breath of fresh air after listening to the other guys in the office. He’s very clean and proper and has a tendency to judge without saying a word.



Carlisa Tech “Carlisa”

We introduce her getting in a fight with her boy friend and walking out of a bad
relationship full of drama to start a new life This we can shoot in Martins apartment with out showing the boyfriend just hearing them fight and her walking out to start a new life with a new job

Real life she is an LA girl born and raised so she knows the cities. Went to strict catholic school where she was homecoming queen and class president went to college on a scholarship. Since then college was for broadcast news and she wanted to be a reporter. Instead she got more into editing her tapes and reels and turned full fledged nerdy tech computer savvy gal. Self taught.

Sarcastic witty and quick, she can fix everything and is a “natural” at all sports professional Pool player and games it would be funny to always show her with all the guys but beating them handily not noticing etc. Guys like her but she doesn’t notice she best way to get rid of herpes wants to be taken seriously for her skills not her looks.

She is a sweet person, people “like her” she makes sense but sometimes you can’t tell if she is nice or naughty…good or bad helping you or herself etc.