Polo the Movie

Polo the Movie

Juan loves the sport of Polo, but because he is from the poor working class he isn’t readily accepted by the polo community.

Juan’s dream is for Polo to be a sport for everyone, not just the social elite. Juan’s father pushes him hard to follow his dream and to become a professional polo player despite all odds.

Juan’s other passion is the pursuit of the American dream. He has an uncle that lives in America and owns a successful auto body shop. Juan sees America as a place were he can achieve successes that he could never realize in his own country. He idolizes America’s strong middle class.

Juan’s father is a respectful modern gaucho ­ he moved to Buenos Aires from a farm, and without going to high school became one of the top polo horse trainers. David is Juan’s childhood best friend. He is the eternal teenager who loves chasing after girls and living life to the fullest. Although they are close friends, they have very different personalities; Juan is serious and hardworking Young Christian man.

On the other hand David is a young Jewish entrepreneur with a shocking sense of humor and enormous eccentricity. As adults, David is a serious and successful business man. He settles down with the woman of his dreams and is able to enjoy a rich life. Juan’s path to success is not as easy. Despite many hardships and pitfalls the two remain friends and are able to finally achieve the American dream.