Love in Traffic

Love in Traffic

Based on a true story

Story by: Martin Vincent


Creative Treatment writer: Martin Vincent


A story of love, loss, and the struggle to survive in a city filled with sex, drugs, and violence.

Timeline year 2003 to Present


A story of love, loss and the struggle to survive in a city filled with sex, drugs and violence.

Michael and Alona come together for a night of passion and their lives are forever changed.

Michael and Alona sit in her apartment after meeting at a popular Los Angeles nightclub.  Alona, drinking and snorting cocaine, opens up about her life and journey to America, to Michael who is shocked and inspired.

As a young woman, Alona was innocent and filled with passion for life. She was lured to America with promises of a good life and an honest job. The reality was completely different. Kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery, her world became a living nightmare. After escaping from her captors she is finally ready to put the past behind. Drug addiction and financial woes pull her back into the escort world

and eventually become her undoing.

Michael finally becomes a big film producer, making a true story into reality, and gives Alona a second chance.