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May, 2013


MARTIN VINCENT, a handsome, well-dressed young professional in his mid 20’s, is a software consultant from Argentina. The equivalent to “Mr.Bean” except from Argentina and a Internet marketing genius. In 2003, he arrives to the U.S., land of opportunity.  Facing his first challenge having “ Aspergers, ADHD” a “Lisp” along with his Spanish native language and little English background. Martin learns quickly what it takes to afford a lavish lifestyle in California, and how doing business with the wrong people can turn success into failure “in a New York minute” but with the rite people,fly to the stars.  Not to be beaten, Martin makes many personal sacrifices and realizes that he cannot do it alone in order to pave the way to a successful career as a Entrepreneur.



Martin, an educated immigrant and entrepreneur from Argentina, believes he can have it all in America – a successful company, a beautiful wife, influential friends, and a condo with a view.  

His confidence is tested, however, when doing business with the wrong people force Martin to have to re-evaluate decisions made in both his personal and professional life.  Overwhelmed, Martin confronts his obstacles and sacrifices his personal life to pursue one of success in the highly competitive and evolving field of technology.




Everybody wants to be the king of  the cyberspace

 world. Google surpassed Yahoo to become the top dog amongst search engines.  Facebook knocked off Myspace to become the leader of social networking.


The dot com era is over and now veterans of the dot com have another chance to claim success In the mobile app game world.   

Although everyone thinks they’re the top dog, in actuality they are mostly copycats.”

The Genius IDIOT “ is a show about an eclectic startup and features billionaires entrepreneurs, investors and techies from all over the world.

In The Genius Idiot we will get a voyeuristic glimpse at just how they’re going to accomplish that goal… or fail miserably.  

Many App  entrepreneurs see developing a mobile App as their one opportunity in life to get rich quick and realize their dreams.


The main character Martino, has aspergers.

He is an eccentric high energy Argentinian persuasive entrepreneur, who has the confidence to launch a company that will be the number one top grossing App  in the country. !!


These developers all  left secure paying jobs and uprooted themselves from their lives in Argentina  to take on this daring gamble in the hopes of realizing their dreams in America.    


A team of APP developers have uprooted themselves from their lives in Buenos Aires and have moved to  Las Vegas , where the show is headquartered.


The Developers gave up  their secure jobs and took a huge pay cut to take this daring gamble, based entirely on the promises of a persuasive, dysfunctional  Argentinian App developer.


In pursuit of his goal, he has recruited a group of developers from America and Buenos Aires.  


Martino  Vincent , and Ken Davitian acquire their work visa to the U.S.A , Ken is an actor an investor representin  the russian mafia capital source.

What happen when the Russian Mafia from moscow request control and after Martino say no they  pull the capital  out from from under their feet.